Sunday, July 31, 2011

Why The Dati Leumi Public Isn't Part Of The Protests.

So why isn't the Dati-Leumi public part of the protest?
·         The mood of the protest is too "Tel Aviv".
·         Some of us have some fairly well founded suspicions that behind the scenes this is really a left-wing protest – i.e. aiming to topple a right wing government.
·         Some of us suspect that the next stage of the protest will aim at the settlements and/or Haredim. Some of us don't really want to protest against one or the other or both of those groups.
·         The religious public likes a clear leadership, and a clear goal. At the moment the protests have neither.
However, and after numerous conversations with other young Dati-Leumi people – we all support the protest, yet something feels odd about it. We can't explain it – we don't know why, but none of us feel comfortable at the protests.

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