Thursday, July 21, 2011

Conversations You Hear In Miluim

Conversations you hear/have only in miluim:

1.       A 34 year old programmer who earns nearly 30K NIS a month, explaining to a 38 year old Ethiopian immigrant who works as a security guard and presumably earns minimum wage why it was unfair for the government to tax him for the car he receives from his employer.
2.       Another older programmer having an honest heart to heart with a youngish farmer, who is trying to decide if he should continue his family's business of milk production in the cow shed, or go learn to be a programmer.
3.       A non religious soldier explaining to me that after he saw how the rabbanut would not allow his friend to marry a Giyoret (convert) because she was not religious, he does not intend to marry his girlfriend in a religious ceremony.
4.       5 non religious soldiers trying to remember what the fast of 17 betamuz is about. Finally one uses his smartphone to check Wikipedia. I watch both amused and sad.

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