Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Father Puts It Best:

Harav Ovadia is quoted having this reaction to the news that his son has been arrested:

"They summoned him for an investigation. Why would the fool not go? He should go. Why must he provoke the police? Why didn't he just go to the interrogation when summoned? what is he afraid of? Is he a thief? He should have gone and got it over and done with."

על בנו אמר: "קראו לו לחקירה. למה הטיפש צריך לא ללכת לחקירה? שילך! למה הוא מתגרה במשטרה? למה הוא לא הלך לחקירה מיד כשהזימנו אותו? ממה הוא פחד? מה, הוא גנב? היה הולך, גומר עם זה".

 His son Harav Yackov Yosef was arrested this morning and brought to interrogation for writing a "Haskama" for the book "Torat Hamelch" - a book dealing with halachic issues of when a Jew may kill a non Jew. 

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