Sunday, July 24, 2011

Alternative Names For the Orthodox Facebook

Mandy has 321 male friends. His wife, Chaya Mushka, has 321 girlfriends. How many new couples will they be able to match? Well, none.
All these friends are on FaceGlat – the haredi version of the Facebook social network, in which Mandy and Chaya Mushka are not even allowed to meet.

Yes, the Jewish mind doesn’t rest. Technology keeps presenting new wonders, and there's always someone ready to take the challenge. This time it's Kfar Chabad resident Yaakov Swisa, 25, who founded a "kosher" social network with complete segregation between men and women and free of any immodest pictures or ads.

Being a terrible speller myself, I'm fairly sympathetic to people who cannot spell. However, I'm fairly sure Glat is normally spelled Glatt. A spelling mistake in the name of the website, is already a major turn off. Another similar and annoying complaint is that in the picture posted on YNET which is shown above, the labels in English are Arnold Schwartzenegger style - "Man" and "Woman", and not "Men" and "Women". Possibly in their rush to beat the competition, this website was unveiled a tad too early.  Luckily this seems to have been fixed (left).

What is worst for me however is that the name "FaceGlat" is just so boring. If you are going to offer a Haredi version of facebook (Ignoring the question of why those Haredim are online in the first place) at least give it an interesting name.

Some suggestions:

·        "Shomer Poking".
·        No good for Shiduchim.
·        Facing  book, not wife.
·        Mechitzah book.

Please post your inspired suggestions.  

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