Monday, July 4, 2011

Guess The Author

Can you guess who wrote the following suggested constitution for Israel? (This is a small snippet)

(I've removed the Hebrew original as people were just using Google. Below is my very rough translation, which is far enough from the original to make Google useless),

Very Roughly translated:
1.Full equality for all citizens of every Race, Belief, Languages or social stature in every field of Israel's public life so long as nothing will be done to inhibit a Jew to return to his homeland - to the state of Israel - and automatically become an Israeli citizen.
2. In every cabinet post where a Jew holds the position of Prime Minister, the position of Deputy Prime minister to an Arab, and vice versa.
3. Proportional representation of Jews and Arabs for debts and privileges of the state - this rule will apply both on elections to parliament, civil and military service and on state funding. 

If no one manages to guess the answer, I'll publish it in two day's time. 

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