Sunday, July 10, 2011

We might as well declare this, Polygamy day.

There seems little point in fighting it. The silly story of the ad in shabat be'shabato is spreading  and has become the joke of the day. 

The story was picked up by the radio, and numerous other news outlets. According to Israel Radio which interviewed the nutcase behind the "full Jeiwsh Home" organization, they are actually succesful. He claims that last week Israeli Sephradic Chief Rabbi Harav Amar actually allowed a person to marry a second wife with the help of his organization. 

However the real shock of the day - one which I'm not quite sure if its serious or not, was provided by the website "Srugim" which claims that the money for the advertisement was provided by...Single religious women.

They quote an anonymous source:

"I'm a 39 year old religious single woman that is worried that she will soon no longer be able to be a mother. Two years ago, I enquired about sperm donation, but all my rabbanim rejected the issue, and I also felt it was a terrible thing for a child no to have a father.
According to Sara (not the real name) she was advised of a halachic solution of wedding a married man. Sara, brought up the idea to her fellow single and divorced female friends who are in a similar situation, and they set up a support group with the encouragement of Rabbanim. They joined forced with the organization "The complete Jewish Home" that provides advice and solutions on the subject of polygamous marriages[1].

Sara continues and explains that there are 27 female members in her "support group" in Jerusalem, all of whom are religious, religious light or chozrim Be'teshuva.

   ?Will we all have to rethink this story 

"אני רווקה דתיה בת 39 שחוששת שעוד מעט ואאבד את היכולת להיות אמא.  לפני כשנתיים  התעניינתי בתרומת זרע אך כל רבותי דחו את העניין  וגם אני הרגשתי שזה נורא שלילד יחסר אבא."
לדברי שרה, הוצע להם פתרון הלכתי של נישואים לגבר נשוי. שרה, העלתה את הנושא בפני חברותיה הרווקות וגרושות הנמצאות במצבה, וכך הן הקימו קבוצת תמיכה בעידוד רבנים, כשהן חוברות לארגון 'הבית היהודי השלם' שמספק ייעוץ ופיתרון בנושא נישואים ליותר מאישה אחת.

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