Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Speculation in Bad Taste

Ben Dror Yamini has a long article today regarding the "Housing" protest. Amongst other critiques he writes:
אחת ממנהיגות המחאה היא סתיו שפיר. בתקשורת היא הפכה לדוברת המרכזית. סתיו מקפידה לשדר נופת צופים של מחאה חברתית. הפרופיל הפוליטי המלא מוסווה. הסוואה עם סיבות. 

אלא שבראיון לתקשורת הזרה היא לא התאפקה: "החשש הגדול שלנו כרגע הוא שנתניהו, מתוך פחד ממה שקורה, יפתח במלחמה". האג'נדה האנטי-ציונית קפצה לה החוצה. זו שוב ישראל המרושעת, שהמנהיג הזדוני שלה ישפוך דם חפים מפשע, ערבים ויהודים, כדי להשתיק את ההמונים. תעשיית השקרים במיטבה. 
Roughly translated:
One of the leaders of the protest is Stav Shafir. The media portrays her as a main speaker for the protest. Staf is careful to project a honey sweet face of a social protest. Her full political profile remains hidden – with good reason. However when giving an interview to the foreign media she couldn't resist and said "Our biggest fear at the moment is that Netanyahu, out of fear of what is happening, will start a war. Her anti-zionist agenda popped out. Again Israel is portrayed as evil, who's evil leader will spill the blood of the innocents, Arabs and Jews, just to silence the masses. This is the industry of lies at its best.
Another Israeli Blogger " Mabed Tamlilim" has taken Ben-Dror  to task for this criticism. He accuses Ben-Dror of labeling his opponents as "Anti-Zionistic" as a means of shutting them up, and trying to suppress their legitimate protests. He also adds that he agrees with Mrs. Shafir – he really is worried that Netanyahu might start a war.

So is this a fair criticism or not? Is saying that you think that Israel might start a war to deflect the social unrest really something that only a staunch Anti-Zionisit might say?

Like many judgments this isn't a clear cut case. The person voicing such statements -especially in public clearly does not have a favorable view of Israel. However is Anti-Zionist worldview the only possible explanation? I could see someone saying that comment not being Anti-Zionist so much as very cynical, or even anarchist. 

Regardless of the motive, such baseless speculation voiced in public is clearly not beneficial to anyone, and shows yet another reason to believe that this protest is being led by people lacking sufficient maturity.

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