Friday, August 5, 2011

Weird Poll Results

There is something weird going on. Despite weeks in Israel where every single possible group is protesting something (Housing, Doctors, Mothers, Teachers, Dairy Farmers, Taxi Drivers) all of the recent polls are telling a similar story. The political party which is loosing its support isn't Likud but rather Kadima.

Globes - Kadima: 28 Likud: 27
Channel 2 : Kadima:14! Likud: 22 (this assumed that the organizers of the housing protest ran as a political party)
I also read somewhere that an internal Likud poll actually showed them getting stronger..

What does this mean? My understanding is that Kadima was always a "swing" vote. As such it is especially vulnerable to having their voters go somewhere else. Additionally it would seem that the public has yet to decide that the Likkud Government is to blame for the current crisis.

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