Sunday, August 28, 2011

How To Not Do A Publicity Stunt

Last week there was an ongoing drama in Israel regarding the deportation of an illegal Philippine immigrant and her 4 year old child. Foremost in her defence was no other then Mrs Netanyahu, who even posed for this picture with the soon to be deported little girl:

However over the weekend, Ben Dror Yemini published this unbelievably stupid admission from one of the Likud's advisers:
"שינוי המדיניות שהובלנו לגבי שרה נתניהו, הוכיח את עצמו במלואו בשבוע האחרון בפרשת הילדה אופק, שהיתה מועמדת לגירוש. לראשונה בכל תולדותיה כרעיית ראש הממשלה  קיבלה שרה נתניהו תקשורת אוהדת ויחס של קונצנזוס מקיר לקיר - אפילו בכלי תקשורת שהיו ידועים בעוינותה כלפיה. לכן לא רק  שלא נגרם נזק, נהפוך הוא".
The change of policy which we have led for sarah Netanyah, proved itself this weekend in the case of the child Ofek who was a candidate for deportation. For the first time in all her years as the Prime Minister's wife, Sarah Netanyahu received a favorable media profile and was a national consensus even in traditionally hostile media.
So here is a small tip for Mrs. Netanyahu. If you are going to exploit a four year old illegal immigrant as a publicity stunt, at the very least have the sense not to gloat over it.


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