Monday, August 15, 2011

Speed Dating Ancient Jerusalem Style

Ap is reporting that to celebrate Tu Be'av A.k.a Jewish Valentine day, there was a session of speed dating at Zedekiah's Cave. Speed dating is when a group of guys and a group of girls meet for a series of short 7 minute dates. Typically the girls are places around the room, and the guys are each assigned a girl. Seven minutes later a bell rings, and everyone switches partners. At the end of the night each person is asked to list those who they would like to have a real date with, and if there are matches that couple is given each other's number.

I'm not sure why Zedekiah's Cave is considered an ideal location for speed dating. I can only guess that the low lighting and the mystique of being in a cave lead to a romantic atmosphere. Plus we all know that it is really just an ancient Masonic Temple..

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