Sunday, August 21, 2011

Adopted Siblings Marrying

Kipa has this question and answer:

תוכן השאלה:שלום כבו הרב.
ברצוני לשאול האם מותר לילד מאומץ שאימצו אותו עוד כשהיה קטן להתחתן עם אחותו שההורים שלה אימצו אותו?
תוכן התשובה:שלום וברכה

מצד ההלכה הדבר אינו אסור

The question is whether adopted siblings can marry. Rabbi Cherlow who answered the question in just five words stated "From the Halachic perspective it isn't forbidden".  Assuming that this isn't just a random theoretical question, there are two points that really scream out:
a.       This is not the type of question that should be asked online. This is clearly a question where all those concerned should go for a nice long chat with a rabbi who knows them.
b.      Stating that something isn't forbidden Halachically is a far cry from saying it is completely ok.  

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