Friday, December 3, 2010

Harav Zini "Where are the rabbanim who claimed we shouldn't fast for rain?"

The website Srugim has been working fast, and Quotes Harav Zini Rosh Yeshiva of the little known Hesder Yeshivah in Haifa. Below is my very fast translation, and the hebrew original.

"To our sorrow and loss, this is a clear rebuke to those fools who think themselves great men, who dared this week to raise themselves to the level of Poskim and tell the public, without any shame, and with no humility that they shouldn't listen to the Rabbanut Harashit, and even dared argue that there is no need in a fast for rain, because today there is no danger to life by lack of rain."

לצערנו ולדאבוננו, זו תשובה ניצחת ונוראה לאותם כסילים החושבים עצמם עידית האדם, שהתיימרו בשבוע זה להעלות את עצמם למדרגת פוסקים ולטעון ברבים, ללא בושה, ללא כל צניעות שאין לשמוע לרבנות הראשית, ואף העיזו לטעון שאין צורך בתענית גשמים, כיון שאין בימינו חשש לסכנת חיים בהעדר גשמים."

These words are clearly aimed at Harav Moshe Lichtenstein. I am shocked by Rav Zini's lack of respect towards Harav Lichtenstein. His style is unbecoming of a rabbi talking about a leader of another Hesder Yeshivah, and I hope that this style is merely the result of his grief.


Balashon said...

He might have also been referring to this:

למה לא צמתי למען הגשם

(not that it makes it any better)

Benjamin of Tudela said...

I thought about that one (its mentioned in some earlier post I made), but since he talks about "there not being a danger to life anymore" it is clearly Rav Lichtenstein's writing and not the article you cited.

Anonymous said...

r' m. lichtenstein, comes with a lot of credentials, but he is not of the caliber of his grandfather,or even of his father for that natter, nor of his predecessors R's Amital or Melchior. His attack on the fast was not very persuasive. In fact,many of his arguments, could be used also against Yom Kippur.
His approach is that of Maimonides and that of Prof Leibovitz. Neither approach can comfort the mourners of Amkha, nor allay the premordial fears of the populace from massive bushfires, floods and the like. After all, what did the chief rabbis ask? To fast as brought in massekhet Taanit. Rabbi Lichtenstein, could one day become a Gadol batorah, today he is far from it yet. His disputing the fast carries a lot of what could be seen as arrogant. I do not say apikorsut. And please bear in mnd Reb Binyomin, that comforting mourners and allaying fears, are part of the duties of a rabbi, each according to his flock capacity to grasp. See the load of nonsense from the chasidut midrash to comfort the populace. While I wouldn't have used R' Zini's words, the thought did cross my mind that R' Moshe was totally off.

Anonymous said...

while i am at it, i wish u and yours a happy chanuka, a shabbat shalom and best wishes for your endeavour, שנעשית בצורה מאוד אסטתית, בטוב טעם ובלמדנות סימפטית. חזק וברוך.

Anonymous said...

..Even Yossi Sarid sez i told u so, or we shd have known better from his own secular perspective. Secular or not, Yossi Sarid is in comparison to many yeshiva bochers, a true scholar of tanakh. Partially because he has bina and tushiah @ understanding, Otherwise, the y. bochers are be3arim who study talmud before understanding ?! i said understanding? even reading, tanach.
"Israel devours its own people - this time with fire
The fire service has inadequate hoses and ladders. Warnings were ignored - and now it's too late to say 'I told you so'. By Yossi Sarid "