Monday, December 27, 2010

Follow up on "cradle of humanity" story.

In my last post I commented how weird it was that no one else was reporting about the "find" of the alleged oldest human remains that were found in Israel. I also noted that the brief of the article, seemed not to suggest the bombastic claims made by the Israeli press. Since then the story has been picked up by the AP. AP has the following quote:

Sir Paul Mellars, a prehistory expert at Cambridge University, said the study is reputable, and the find is "important" because remains from that critical time period are scarce, but it is premature to say the remains are human.
"Based on the evidence they've sited, it's a very tenuous and frankly rather remote possibility," Mellars said. He said the remains are more likely related to modern man's ancient relatives, the Neanderthals. 

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