Monday, December 13, 2010

New Dati-Leumi television channel

A new Dati-Leumi television channel is being launched. At the moment it exists only as a Web Channel - where you can see some of the shows they are developing. They are meant to develop it into a full blown Dati-Leumi channel.  This is clearly a move in the right direction, since the last attempt at a Dati-Leumi channel "techelet" was actually fairly good. It failed since it did not get enough subscribers, but its loss has been felt. 

Unfortunately the choice so far of television shows, gives me a feeling that this channel is not going to make anyone's normal TV viewing so far. Their choice of shows, are mostly "Torah" oriented so far - Daf Yomi (with an uncharismatic rabbi), Parashat Shavua with harav Yoni Milo who is a know Machon Meir rabbi, Ask the rabbi show and "concepts in Judaism". Their one non torah oriented show seems to be a rather geeky looking tour instructor taking you on tours of Israel. I watched one show, which while the material was interesting (Rechov Hanevim in Jerusalem), I was too put off by the bad filming and scripting. 

The concept is doomed to failure. You can not base a television channel for the Dati-Leumi public only around torah lessons. The Dati-Leumi public watches normal television. We expect some entertainment.  Techlet was better oriented. They had religious soap-operas and other not "toraish" viewings. Their Torah shows were at least a little varied. There is no lack of Shiurim to watch online, and the addition of another channel is not going to get anyone to stop watching Channel 2.  

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