Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Things That Are Never Going To Happen

Ynet is reporting on a conference that is going to take place tonight of Machon Puah(פוע"ה). One of the speakers - Harav Israel Ariel head of Machon Hamikdash is meant to present a paper on jobs women can fulfill in the temple. Some of the jobs he mentions:

  • Lighting the menorah!
  • Performing the sacrifices.
I am willing to place a bet right now. When the temple is rebuilt, the likelihood of women being allowed to light the menorah, and perform a sacrifice is roughly equivalent to the likelihood that in the end of days we will all "Just get along", and lambs will become BFF of all the lions. On second thoughts, the likelihood is probably slightly lower.  It would take Eliyahu and/or the Messiah themselves to stand up and declare women should be allowed to perform these duties for it to have any chance of happening. Otherwise we might as well make sure we have riot police on standby for the Haredi riots that are sure to break out, and the inevitable Cherem put on the third temple. If I loose that bet, that would be a far greater miracle then the building of the third Beit Hamikdash.

Furthermore, contrary to what the Ynet article (correctly) stating that there was no Mechitaza (separation) in the first and second temple, I am fairly sure that in the third temple the Haredim will win that battle too. 

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