Monday, December 20, 2010

Messiah Countdown: 2 weeks..

Ynet is reporting that Harav Eliyahu's widow is calling on all Jews to keep the next two Shabbatot and ergo, bring the messiah. Why the sudden rush? it turns out that both Christmas and New Years Eve fall on Shabbat this year. Hence, so many Jews will have vacations that Shabbat - and can now keep shabbos free of the yoke of  work.

This is of course based on the Talmudic saying "Had Israel kept only 2 Shabbats they would have immediately been saved" (אלמלא שמרו ישראל שתי שבתות כהלכתן - מיד נגאלין).

Not that I'm belittling Shabbat observance, nor do I have anything but a rock solid faith in the Jewish nation, but something tells me a few of those Jews are going to be too drunk (and wearing Santa hats) to be able to keep all of the 39 Ma'lachot.  

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