Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Most Important Book Since Rav Soloveitchik?

Over the weekend I saw this ad in a few of the Shabbat Alonim (Leaflets). I'm actually excited about this new book - discussions between Harav Ahron Lichtenstein and Harav Haim Sabato - two prominent rabbanim, with whom I've had the pleasure of learning from. I am sure that Rav Sabato's unique writing style and proven writing ability will coupled with Rav Lichtenstein's sharp and deep thinking will make an excellent book. 

However, what stood out was the banner at the top of the ad "The most important book of Jewish Thought since Harav Soloveitchik". I could understand the banner if it was a quote from someone reviewing the book. However as an anonymous banner it does seem a little pretentious. I have no doubt neither rabbi saw or approved this banner - which only a non religious publishing house (Yediot) - would possible have used such an overblown banner. 

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