Thursday, March 31, 2011

Worth a Read 31.03.11

Today's list is rather lighthearted, and not as Jewish oriented as I normally post. I'm not sure if this was reflective of my mood, or that yesterday was just a slow Jewish Blogging day. -

  • Rationalist Judaism (Rav Silfkin) found a new monkey with a frightfully big nose. As always when a new animal is discovered, Jews start asking if it is kosher. (Well, at least if it ruins a proof of the divine origin of the torah)
  • Torah Musings asks when a Rabbi isn't enough. Final conclusion is that not all rabbis are created equal. 
  • Kikar Hashabat plays the game "Are these women wearing a burqa or is it a Purim costume". 
  • Air New Zealand has Richard Simmons performing their Pre-Flight safety video. (Ht: Negev Rock City)  Except for being hilarious, I think we can be assured that no Haredim are going to fly Air New Zealand any time soon, unless they use the personal Mechitzah
  • The Gothamist argues that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict needs better publicity stunts. I'll point out that the "Don't Stop Boycotting" song is way better then placing a graffiti filled bomb shelter. (Warning - some language in the article might be is inappropriate). 
  • Treasures of Ashkenaz published a list of endangered Minhagim

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