Saturday, March 19, 2011

"Intellectual Psychopaths"

Worth reading what Martin Peretz editor-in-chief emeritus of The New Republic wrote last week about Ha'aretz:  
I have a different view of Ha’aretz than Remnick. In fact, I think that many of its columnists are intellectual psychopaths. From this cohort you have to exclude Aluf Bennand Ari Shavit. But if you like grim fantasies all you have to do is read Amira Hass, Akiva Elder, or Gideon Levy, now doing honest reporting from Tokyo, or Amos Harel. If you want one reason for why the international press is so hostile to Israel, it is because the only paper foreign journalists read is Ha’aretz in English. It is an exemplar of Jewish self-hate, full of ridicule, righteousness, and loathing. Its circulation is going down, down, down. It would have already gone broke if it hadn’t invested in a spiffy new printing press on which it produces Israel Hayom, a free right-wing daily owned by Sheldon Adelson who, from the casino business, was said by Forbes this year to be worth $23.3 billion, which makes him the sixteenth richest man in the world

This will be my last Ha'aretz bashing of the week - mostly because I am a daily reader of their website, and I'm starting to feel like I'm spitting into the well I drink from. Also it managed to annoy me too much last week with their editorials, that I feel I'm better off not responding to anything they wrote.

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