Thursday, March 3, 2011

Why are there 8,500 Less Yeshivah Bachurs This Year?

No No, it isn't because they decided to go work, or some other reason. It seems that since the Ministry of Education caught that "Fake Yeshivah" a few months back, they have been much much stricter with all the Yeshivot in counting the number of students.

According to "Hadrei Haredim" they now:

1. Do surprise visits.
2. Don't allow people to enter once they arrived. It seems in the past the second their inspectors showed up, people would call all the people claiming to learn in the yeshiva and they would run over. This has now ended.
3. Actually check the I.D to see that honest yeshiva boy is who he claims to be.

And so the number of registered Yeshivah students fell by 8,500 students. Weirdly enough instead of thanking the ministry of Education, for clearing the yeshivot from people only pretending to learn - the Roshei Yeshivot are furious and declaring this a death stroke against the Torah.

There is something seriously wrong in the mentality that encourages Torah learning all day - Supported by people lying to get funding. Forget the moral question - I just honestly don't understand what the Rabbanim are telling their students. How are they explaining this two faced morality?

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