Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Close Encounters of the Burqa Kind

I've been writing about it long enough without having witnessed it myself, and so I'm happy I can finally write about the topic as an eyewitness. Today as I was sitting on the bus, a woman dressed in a Burqua, with a young daughter in toe, got on the bus, and sat at the row opposite me. To be honest, for the first minute I thought she was a nun. Her face was not covered, but she wore from head to toe a black robe reminiscent of a nun's outfit. It was only when she started talking in Hebrew to her daughter, that I was finally sure this was not a nun.
 The daughter who looked to be roughly 8 was wearing clothing similar to a poncho - and it did not stand out as that unusual. Only once I realised that this was a representative of the burqa cult, and started looking at the girl, did I realise that she was clearly wearing many layers of clothing - and yes a Poncho is not that common in Israel.

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