Friday, March 25, 2011

Defining who is the Meshugah

Nir Ben-Artzi is a self proclaimed holyman, miracle worker, prophet and suspected messiah. He is in fact a former tractor driver who became a healer, and then a rabbi, without ever achieving any learning. Harav Aviner once famously responded to a question about him by stating:

 "Nir Ben Artzi isn't a talmid chacam, but an ignoramous to this day. He isn't the messiah, or a herald for the messiah, nor does he have Ruach Hakodesh"

""ניר בן ארצי אינו תלמיד חכם אלא עם הארץ, עד עצם היום הזה. כמו כן, אינו המשיח, ואינו מבשר המשיח, ואינו בעל רוח הקודש."

Recently Parshablog has been active about proving what a fraud Nir Ben Artzi is, and I highly recommend everyone reads what he wrote.

Now for the good stuff. Bechadrei Hardeim is reporting on a talk Nir Ben Artzi gave in Bnei Brak. During this talk the audiance was quite happy to hear him predict major earthquakes (next week), nuclear disaster in all nuclear power plants in the world and missiles fired at Israel. He also stated that he knows where gold can be found in Israel, but God won't let him publish it. I recommend at this point to  view the video available here, or you might miss some of the hilarity. You can jump to 2:50 for the good stuff.

After the audience has sat in rapped attention and belief through all the nonsense, Ben-Artzi starts to talk about the messiah. In the most "Life of Brian" moment, a man in the audience gets up and screams, "I am the messiah" Nir Artzi then answers him "sit down, what are you drunk?" ("He's not the messiah he's a naughty little boy!") The audience laughs - clearly the man standing up claiming to be the messiah is a crazy man! and here is where the irony is. Why should a man standing up and confessing to be the messiah be any less believable then the man you have been listening to predicting nuclear holocaust, and claiming to know where gold is..only god won't let him tell.

The correct answer is..all of you are Meshugane.

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