Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Worth a Read 29.03.11

  • Are Jewish Studies in Decline? Alex Joffe writes an interesting piece analyzing Jewish Studies in Israel. Menachem Mendel has an interesting response, and more importantly he brings an interesting KurtzweilGershom Scholem debate from 1965 regarding the same issue.
  • Life in Israel has picked up the weird story of a Haredi guy caught smuggling human hair into Israel.
  • Yaakov Lozowick (aka Ruminations)  asks how many times has Jerusalem been conquered? however he has yet to publish his answer, so you have to read the comments section for the interesting stuff.  
  • Goldberg writes that his blog "Is a pro Jstreet blog", while Ruminitions writes that he isn't. 
  • For those who didn't get enough Nir Ben Artzi bashing from my own post last week, Parshablog is doing his own attack on the same speech.
  • On the Main Line (the blog I wished I could write) proves that there is nothing new in Judaism by retelling the great wives and wigs controversy of 1890.

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