Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"Having made me according to His will - Not a Man"

Harav Haim Navon has published a new book dealing with women's status in Halacha "Bridge for Jacob`s Daughters" (גשר בנות יעקב).
I've yet to buy my own copy of the book, but when I do I will to post a review.  Until then you can read the first chapter of the book here. Harav  Navon is a young Israeli Rabbi, most famous for his weekly parasha writings and a column in "Nekudah" Magazine. He published a novel last year that did quite well, though it was far from being great literature. He is undoubtedly a talmid chacham,  who is a liberal in his world view, but does not rush into changing halacha.

According to Kipah, one of his suggestions (though not actually a psak) is to change the morning blessings so that both sexes thank god for creating them according to his will. Thus, we shall recognize the equality between the sexes. While admitting that there are differnces in the roles of men and women in halacha, he is not happy with current vogue of rabbis trying to explain the halachic differences between the sexes based on shallow explanations of the differnces between a male and female charecter.

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