Wednesday, March 30, 2011

More on the Controversial Lead Tablets

A few weeks ago reports started to get published regarding a collection of Lead Tablets supposdly found in Jordan, with ancient Hebrew writing and pictures. There is some question regarding their authenticity, which I am in no position to give an opinion about (though this post on Rogue Classicism seems to be quite convincing that they are fake). I recommend reading Paleo-Judaica who have been keeping me updated.There is also a Daily Mail piece, that seems to think that these tablets are Christian in origin.  If they do end up being judged authentic - and once someone deciphers the code they appear to be written in, there is some chance we might have a "dead sea scrolls" event. What I am currently enjoying is looking at some of the images that appear on the too few images available.

In this tablet you can clearly see a Menorah. There also appears to be branches that go to either side..which I can only assume is meant to be olive branches. What is interesting is that this would be very similar to the the modern symbol for the state of Israel - based on the image seen by Zecharyah in his vision.

It also looks very similar to the menorah featured on the 10 agurot:

Not really sure what this one is.  On a very long strech I might have guessed this is meant to be a Lulav with Aravot. I am open to suggestions.

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