Sunday, February 13, 2011

Who signed the Pashkevil?

A few weeks ago I posted some of the Pashkevilim that were being posted against Harav Ovadia Yosef, and Harav Amar. These were signed by some of the great Haredi Rabbanim.

In a weird twist, that sheds new light on who exactly are the leaders of the haredi world, One of these Haredi Rabbanim -  Harav Vozner has declared that despite his signature being published on one of the Pashkevilim denouncing Harav Ovadia - he did not actually sign that pashkevil, and had he known about its contents he would not have agreed for his name to be on it. Kikar Hashabat  summarized the confusion as follows:

"Did he sign or didn't he sign? Lets try and sort it out: Haredi Machers asked Harav Vozner to sign a Pashkevil to do with strengthening conversion in accordance with the spirit of Halacha. Harav Vozner agreed - and his signature was added to the Pashkevil against Harav Ovadia's Psak.
חתם או לא חתם? בואו נעשה סדר: עסקנים ביקשו מהגר"ש וואזנר להצטרף למודעה שמחזקת את עניין הגיור על-פי רוח ההלכה. הגר"ש אישר, וחתימתו הודבקה על מודעה נגד פסיקתו של מרן הגר"ע.

The real question is how could anyone with a public role allow his name to be used so freely. I'm having some trouble accepting the telling of events Kikar Hashabat would have us believe. Anyone who could not guess that any Pashkevil about conversion, printed in the last few weeks was referring to Rav Ovadia - is clearly someone who has is not following the news too closely. That is perfectly acceptable in a great torah personality. However if you happen to be that kind of great torah personality – please refrain from letting your name be printed on Pashkevilim that adorn Jerusalem walls.

Sidenote: I would be grateful for anyone who could suggest a good translation for the word עסקנים

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