Sunday, February 13, 2011

Keep your "Naughty Eyes" off my bagel!

Kikar Hashabat is reporting that the following ad for flat bagels was refused for publication in Hamodia:

And what was so offensive in this Ad, that Hamodia felt it count not run it? It appears the paper has a strict Haredi Rabbi who has to approve all the Ads in the paper. This Ad was turned down because the Elderely Haredi man in the center's eyes were thought to be "naughty". Looking at the Ad myself I'll agree they do seem a little too mischevous. This is clearly a guy from whom no self respecting Jew would or should ever accept a bagel from.

The advertising agency quickly corrected their faux-pas (what were they thinking!) and photoshopped the Ad. The following is the Kosher version, as published in Hamodia:

Can't spot the difference? the eyes of the guy reaching for the bagels have been changed so that they are staring into the distance, and not giving a mischievous look.

Thank g-d for Hamodia protecting our young from those naughty eyes! I'd add a smiley to this sentence, but I am not sure his eyes are quite modest enough.

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