Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Hard Parashas

I have been attempting to write a little about parashat hashavua on this blog. It is my custom every year to choose a different commentator to learn - which hopefully leads to something new every year. And yet every year we arrive at these Parasha's. Yes it is time to admit that it is incredibly hard to read, never mind write anything about Terumah. Some people may get excited by reading minute details of the construction of the Mishkan.. but most of us don't.  

This year's commentator of choice is the under appreciated Ibn-Caspi. So far I've found that at least once every parasha he manages to overturn some understanding I believed was pshat. So I turned to him full of hope, that perhaps he will rescue parashat terumah for me.  Luckily for you I can bring you his full commentary:

פרשת תרומה - תצוה.
  לא אחדש דבר באלו
 שתי הפרשיות ואין עניגם הכרחי, ודי במה שקדמיגי רש־י וא״ע:

Parashat Terumah-Tezaveh
I have nothing new to note on these parasha's, and their matter isn't necessary, and it is sufficient what has already been written by Rashi and Ibn-Ezra. 

I guess somebody took the easy way out!

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