Friday, February 25, 2011

More on the Rabbanim support of Katzav

I posted a few days ago I posted my views on "Why Rabbanim Love Sex Offenders" - basically a reaction to the letter of support posted by Rabbanim for Katzav. 

A quick read of some of the reactions posted in Israel about the Katzav story has shown me some of the different viewpoints on this story:

Efrat Shapira Rosenberg:  Seed the Rabbanim's support of Katzav as an anti "State" statment. The Rabbanim are actively going against the court - despite never having had access to all the evidence. Their statement of support is a way of showing that they are not bound by the non religious law.

Professor Yedidia Stern: In a similar vain, sees the support of Rabbaim in Katzav, as showing the inability of the Rabbanim to face the reality of a Secular state. The Rabbanim are not willing to share leadership with a non religious state.

Tomer Prisko: Sees the Rabbanim support as evidence for two things: 1. The Rabbanim are astronauts who are totally disconnected with the street and popular culture. 2. The Rabbanim simply don't understand the dynamics of harassment - Especially between a boss/president and his underlings. (I'll add that that the two theories together do make a lot of sense. These Rabbanim do not really live in a mixed society - since they are astronauts - and hence might have trouble understanding the illogical actions performed by Katzav's victims.)

Today some other prominant Rabbanim (Harav Lichtenstien, Harav Rabinovitch and others) published a condemnation of the letter of support of Katzav. 

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