Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Israel in the U.S.A

A few weeks ago I blogged about a map that re-arranged the worlds countries based on the size of their population.

The Economist has done something similar, and replaced the US states with countries with similar GDP levels. 

Turns out Israel is closest to the fine southern state of Louisiana. Weirdly our next door neighbors - Texas is now Russia. Which for most of us Israelis is actually more or less our real life neighbors. We also have the joy of meeting Bangladesh ( Mississippi), and Kazakhstan (Arkansas) on our borders.

On their next map the Economist did the same thing, but this time with Population. Sadly it seems Israel does not get to be on that map.

I couldn't help but wonder, which state Israel would replace if we were to try to replace the states based on cultural sterotypes. My own guess is that we would like to imagine it was New-York or Florida, but in truth we are closer to Texas or some redneck state. 

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