Friday, January 14, 2011

Worth a Read #2

  • Tablet Magazine - "Assisted Suicide" - When the Western press gives credence to anti-Israel propaganda, as it did in recent reports about a Palestinian woman killed by Israeli tear gas, it’s Arabs who are hurt most.
  • The National Post - Jenny Peto is a disgrace to U of T - not because of Israel Bashing..just shoddy research. 
Blood Libelgate:

Paleojudea - On one of the earliest cases of  blood libel, during the second temple.
Alan Dershowitz  defending the use of the term.
Jeffery Goldberg on why Sarah Palin's use of the term is good for Jewish Education.

Parashat Beshlach

Parashablog - The Karaites and naturally occuring Manna, and Regarding Natural Explanations for Manna.
On the Main Line - actually an old post, but one I thought of: An Egyptian Pasha accuses Egyptian Jews, in 1700, of robbing Egypt in biblical times.
DovBear - What is Derech Plishtim - not what I would have guessed.

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