Saturday, January 29, 2011

Golden Rules While Dealing With "Miracle Workers".

A relative of mine told me a story of a simpleton in their shul, who has become a professional "Miracle Worker" or in other words - takes money to bless people. This is a topic that really irks me. It seems that the Dati-Leumi public has recently started to produce its own scammers "holy men" - or men who claim to have powers. These people have a few shared characteristics - but one of them stands out:

They are people who were not famous for their learning before they started taking money for blessings.

And so I will state the Golden Rules:

1. Real holy men don't ask for money. It is that simple. If they are asking you for money, you are paying too much for their blessings. I assure you, god will not honor any blessing you had to pay for.

2. There are no "Powers" devoid of Holiness and some minimal torah knowledge. Frankly I'm a skeptic of all claims of powers. However for the sake of minimal consideration, I'm certain that an ignoramus in Torah is not going to be a miracle worker. 

These two rules are time tested and true. 

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