Monday, January 3, 2011

Good Handwriting = Must Be A Fake.

Ynet is reporting that the IDf is questioning the so called death of a protester from tear gas. However I am not shocked by the Palestinians yet again trying to play us all for fools. I was shocked by this paragraph in the Hebrew version of the Ynet article:

על פי הדו"ח, אין סיבה ברורה למוות, הקבורה נעשתה בהליך מזורז ולא בוצעה נתיחה שלאחר המוות. כמו כן, חלק מהדו"חות הרפואיים נכתבו בכתב יד קריא וברור, בניגוד מוחלט לדו"חות רפואיים שהתקבלו בישראל בעבר.

Roughly translated:

"According to the [Medical] report, there is no clear reason for the death, the burial took place in a hasty fashion, and no autopsy was performed. Also parts of the medical reports were written in clear and legible handwritting, something that is completly unheard of in medical reports recieved in the past.

So basically -  Good handwritting = fake medical report. I checked - this shocking proof wasn't mentioned in the English version of Ynet. 

I hope the rest of the proof is something a little more serious. 

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