Friday, January 14, 2011

Betting on the Next Chief Rabbi of the Commonwelth

PaddyPower, a well known Irish bookmaker is now accepting bets on who will be the next "next Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the Commonwealth". The Next Chief Rabbi race is a story that Bloghead has been blogging about but since Bloghead is on vacation, I'm going to have to fill in. 

You can read about it on Bloghead, Here and Here Funnily enough it seems that at least some of the figures on the PaddyPower's list made it straight out of "Bloghead's" aka Miriam Shaviv's article "Chief Rabbi: Who will throw their hat into the ring?" published in the Jewish Chornicle. The smoking gun that PaddyPower is relying on that article is the inclusion of "Harav Beni Lou" in that list - who I would consider a flight of fancy by Miriam, rather then a serious suggestion. All the other "long shots" mentioned in the article are on the list also.

For anyone interested I am willing to give much better odds then 500/1 against Sacha Baron Cohen getting the job. 

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