Friday, May 27, 2011

The Niggun That Leads The Tzaddikim Into Heaven

The post regarding the Beatles Shabbos collection, reminded me of another post I long wanted to post. At the beginning of the year an album was released with some previously unknown Breslov Niggunim:

A lost nigun composed by Rebbe Nachman of Breslev, which was recently miraculously discovered in an archive in the Ukraine, led to the creation of an exciting new album of ancient Breslev niguns, sung in the days of Rebbe Nachman. Amid the collection of lost niguns found about a year and a half ago in a remote archive in the Ukraine, a special nigun was found, recorded in 1913. A recording and notes for this nigun were discovered in this important finding, and next to them, written in Yiddish, were the words, “The nigun that leads the Tzaddikim to heaven, as taught by Rebbe Nachman”.

The Niggun can be heard Here. As Rav Nachman is attributed saying that this will be the niggun that will accompany the Tzaddikim into heaven, I went out of my way to listen. I will admit that I did expect a little more from the heavenly choir -especially considering the musical talent presumably available up there. Personally I would expect something a little more merry and more dramatic, but who am I to argue with Rav Nachman. 


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