Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lag Ba'omer and Haredi Hypocrisy

Following up on this post, regarding the question of when to celebrate Lag Ba'omer this year, Arutz Sheva has published a poll showing how many Israelis are planning to celebrate Lag Ba'omer on Sunday night as opposed to Saturday. The result of the poll surprised me - supposedly 30% of the population intend to heed the Rabbanut's call and celebrate Lag Ba'omer on Sunday. This is about 20-30% higher then I would have guessed!

However there is another issue worth delving into. The Ashkenazic Haredi community has so far rejected the calls to move Lag ba'omer to Sunday. This is the same community that only recently  rioted violently against other cases where the Shabbat has been desecrated. So, why does the same community not care about the hundreds of policemen that are going to desecrate the Shabbat to secure Meron? one can only come to the conclusion that the sabbath was never really that dear to the Ashkenazic-Haredi heart. 

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