Wednesday, May 29, 2013

We've Reached a New Low

In an interview on Galei Yisrael,  Rav Elyakim Levanon claimed that Rav Stav threatened a senior rabbi that he'll "open the files" on him. Rav Levanon doesn't explain who that rabbi is, but gave his opinion that Rav Stav must now withdraw from the Chief Rabbi race.

I've personally had it with the Hardalnick rabbis. One can't understand how they think that after  weeks of them insulting, bullying and threatening Rav Stav.he is not even allowed to hint that some of them have in their past some skeletons? So far those who have been acting like little children, ruffians and yahoos have been those supporting Rav Ariel.

However, I've actually had it with this whole issue. I have been convinced that the worst thing that could happen to the Religious Zionist community would be the election of a Religious Zionist rabbi. We should all pray to God and Shas to save us from ourselves.

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