Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Rav Lior Is Slightly Ridiculous

According to this piece in NRG, Harav Dov Lior is furious that Jewish Home leader Bennet doesn't listen to him. Yesterday the Jewish Home decided to back a proposed law that would expand the  150-member body that elects the two chief rabbis to include more women and public representatives. The law is seen as an attempt to increase the chance of Harav David Stav - the more liberal candidate for Chief Rabbi.  

Why is Harav Dov Lior's anger so ridiculous? lets look at some pre-election headlines:

Harav Dov Lior  Doesn't Support the Jewish Home, Supports Otzma L'yisrael

Oh? so if Bennett had actually listened to Dov Lior, he would have voted for a party that didn't pass the election threshold.

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