Thursday, May 2, 2013

Updates on the Israeli Chief Rabbi Race

  • Harav Ariel claims he is "too old" to become the Chief Rabbi, as well as voicing his objection to "personal laws" - i.e laws that are meant to benefit a single individual. 
  • Despite such claims, Harav Druckman continues to work to make Harav Ariel the Jewish Home's candidate.  Shai Piron announces that the Chief Rabbi will not be chosen as part of "a political deal", and renews Yesh Atid's support of Harav Stav. 
  • Rabbis from Tekuma - part of the Jewish Home party, warn Bennett not to agree to change the composition of the electorate body that will choose the Chief Rabbi. Their reasoning is that changing the body will lower the public perception of the Chief Rabbinate. (As if it could go any lower). 
  • The Jewish Home threatens Shas that if it won't agree to the nomination of Harav Ariel (who is apparently not too old) they will nominate a contender for Sephradic Chief Rabbi - Harav Haim Amsalem.  
As always Israeli politics is the best show in town. 

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