Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Worst Haredi Hasbara of the Day #2 for 30.04.2013

I might have been too quick to hand out the last prize. NRG has this story title (translated)

Porush: finance non religious schools according to their levels of violence.

And here is my translation of the first paragraph:

The Haredi response to the non religious sector's demand to finance the Haredi education institutions according to their study of core subjects: a new law tabeled by MK Meir Porush would condition a schools funding according to the level of violence at the school

התגובה החרדית לדרישה החילונית לתקצוב מוסדות החינוך החרדי בהתאם לשעות לימודי הליבה בבתי הספר: הצעת חוק חדשה של ח״כ מאיר פרוש תתנה את תקציב בתי הספר החילונים בהתאם לרמת האלימות בבתי הספר.
The basic assumption being that violence is a problem that doesn't exist in Haredi schools.

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