Monday, April 22, 2013

What Happens When A Haredi Boy Meets The Internet - a Spiral of Despair (Cartoon)

This cartoon, allegedly from Yated Ne'eman (I have doubts) is making the rounds on Facebook:

*Edit: The cartoon is read from right to left, starting at top right corner.

The Story as I understand it. The good Yeshivah boy is going to class, (far right) meets a RZ who shows him the internet. Immediately his Germarah learning is destroyed by strange ideas, and he starts reading PAPERS! This causes him to leave the Yeshivah world and go backpacking (using a GPS no less). While on his trip he meets a clown who is a drug dealer (aren't all drug dealers really clowns?), finds himself in jail, where thankfully he meets a kindly haredi man who helps him find some happiness in his miserable life.

Moral of the story is - Don't take drugs from dealers dressed as clowns. They are almost certainly undercover cops.

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