Thursday, February 7, 2013

Update: Halachic Lawfare

I recently posted on the attempt by a religious family (bereaved parents) to sue Aryeh Deri in a Rabbinic Tribunal for his part in the Oslo Accords. Apparently, Deri didn't take the issue too seriously and just responded that he is only answerable to the Rabbinic leadership of Shas - whom he represented and did their will.

The rabbinic tribunal was not amused, and issued a temporary order banning Deri from being appointed to any position of authority (שררה) in the new government until the first hearing of the case.

I'm fairly sure Deri will not bother responding again to this tribunal, nor will its ruling have any effect. Next time that people wish to attempt "Halachic Lawfare" they should at least go to a tribunal that Haredim might listen to.

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