Monday, February 25, 2013

Some Haredi Soul Searching

From Israel Hayom:

Yaakov Rivlin, one of the most respected commentators of the haredi system, recently expressed an insight that some would call historic. “The national-religious are about to take the place of the haredim in the religious and political systems of life in this country, and we must resign ourselves to that,” he wrote in the haredi newspaper BaKehila [In the community]. “We can only hope that they will treat us better than we treated them when we controlled the appointments and jobs and left them not even crumbs: not in the city rabbinates, the religious councils or the local authorities. When the next government takes office, we will pay for the humiliating way we treated them. And we will pay dearly.”

I suggest you read the entire article by the insightful Yehudah Shlezinger. I partly agree with his analysis, and will write a full post on it, post Shushan Purim (I live in Jerusalem).

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