Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Education as a Useful Axe

I saw this picture on Facebook, and immediatly loved it. I think the picture accuratly reflects a certain complex relationship in eduation between a teacher and his student. The student, presented as a raw log of wood appears to be terrified of the teacher who is presented as an axe. If the picture did not include other details I would have summised that it was a critique of how education can sometimes destroy a young mind, or that this was a case where the student clearly was not being sent to the right school.However, looking at the picture we caan see that both the father and the students are wooden humonid dolls. Is it possible that they too were once raw logs? who shaped them into their more advanced state? it is not hard to assume that they too were shaped into their advanced state by the teacher - the axe. The picture is telling the complex story, of where the log must surrender some of its freedom to be shaped by the axe into a a young (wooden) human.

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