Monday, November 5, 2012

Habayit Hayehudi Ads - How Not To Do Them

Habayit Heyhudi is having it primaries this week and next. Tomorrow (6.11.12) members will be asked to choose a new party leader between Naftali Bennet, and Zevulon Orlev. After the results of the leadership race are announced, members will choose who will become the party's candidates for the Knesset.

The race between Orlev and Bennet has been long, hard and dirty. Keep that in mind when you look at some of these posters:

This is an ad for Harav Rechamim Nesimi - who I know next to nothing about. However, what caught my eye was his attempt to have his cake and eat it too. The ad talks about "unity" and has the rare photo of both Orlev and Bennet together with Nesimi in a show of unity! Problem? its photoshopped (it says so on the bottom left). Even worse - Bennet has the top spot! Ironically, Nesimi is endorsing Orlev! but but but..he is also calling for people to give Bennet a high placing in MK listing (hence the unity!).

Jeremy Gimpel (candidate for the "young" position) released a cute video - but there is one major problem. He is wearing a BLACK kippah. That is a  major error in the RZ crowd, as Black Kippot are normally signs of American Haredism, Americans, or just Haredim. Also it would have helped if his Hebrew was slightly more polished...

I'll also add that I really hate his campaign slogan "Jeremy brings mandates to the Mafdal". All candidates claim that they bring mandates. The slogan is especially annoying, when everyone else is using some kind of idealistic slogan.

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