Monday, November 26, 2012

Does Feiglin Actually Make A Difference?

In one word - no.

How will it affect Israel? Most of us couldn't name any other MK who was chosen 15th in their party list. The chances of him being given any ministerial job are somewhat lower than the chance that the Messiah himself will arrive on a white donkey and proclaim Bibi the one true king. The only problem is that from now on, we can  expect Israel Haters-Bashers-Well Meaning but naive people,  to quoting every racist or delusional utterance that  Feiglin makes, as representing Israel proper. This will be a Hasbara nightmare.

How will it affect the Likud? other political parties will now have a field day attacking the Likud. This will probably cost it a few mandates. Feiglin does not bring with him any voters. Those who voted for him in the primaries, do not actually vote Likud on election day. Furthermore, since he is in a fairly safe spot, there is no need for them to vote for the Likud to ensure that he will make it into the Knesset.

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