Friday, April 8, 2011

Worth a Read 8.4.11

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  • Jewish Ideas Daily has a good piece on Harav Tau - Rosh Yeshivah of Har Hamor, and basically the leader of the Hardal movment. Menachem Mendel has a good collection of writings that continue to explore the Haral Dati-leumi split in Israel (and you can also see my collection of links on this topic here).
  • Torahmusings delvs into women's changed status in Halacha. Weirdly enough much of it echos what I posted only two days ago regarding women and Seder night.
  • Was there a gay caveman? I first saw this blogged yesterday, and though to myself, who could believe such silly evidence. Well I have an answer.  A classic case where flimsy evidence is interpreted to advance a political agenda. (But he was buried facing EAST!)
  • Polygamy in the muslim world - two approaches (Via Thedailydish). Weirdly enough I've heard both approaches used to explain Polygamy in Judaism. Just goes to show that there must be a kernel of historic truth in there.

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