Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Posts I Started Writing But Couldn't Finish

There are a few posts that I've got rough drafts for, but that I can never quite get around to posting:

  • When are Halachic Fictions illegitimate?
  • Out pricing Pesach From Jews. 
  • Did Rabbanim believe their own midrashim, Part 2.
  • Rabbi Akiva and Aggadah. 
  • April Fools posts for Other J-Bloggers (Wasn't near to being finished, will now have to wait a year).
I've attempted to write every single one of these posts, but when I looked them over, I've always found that either I wasn't saying anything original, or that I had not made up my mind sufficiently to post them. I'm hoping that posts 1 and 2 might get posted in the coming days, but otherwise it seems I'll have to wait a long time to post the last three. 

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