Thursday, November 25, 2010

We finally have an Amelek

In continuation to Rav Amsalem vs Shas. Shas has published its weekly newspaper, that is full of rabbanim trying to one up each other in the language they use against Rav Amsalem.Rav Amsalem is referred to as "that man" a term normally used for Jesus, called a  reform rabbi, a "purim rabbi" and placed in the camp of Korach and Geiger. However the point where they went over the top is where they called him an Amalek. Even children know that we are commanded to kill Amalek. Its even worse then calling him a Nazi (We probably would kill Nazis, but we are not commanded to). The Knesset has already assigned Rav Amsalem a security detail. I can't help but wonder what the writer of that piece will say if (when?) someone decided that he must fulfill Halacha, and kill Amalek. 

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