Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A little bloodlust.

An interesting comment by Former IDF Chief Rabbi Yisrael Weiss in his new book "Blood of my heart" ("בדם לבי") regarding the  treatment he feels he has received by the Religious - Zionist community following the Hitnatkut (withdrawl from Gaza)  as reported by NRG (and translated freely by myself):

"I turned into the enemy of the people, the enemy of the settelers. For months we couldn't go home with safety," Writes Harav Weiss as he targets the blame towards the Religious Zionist community "Not a handful and not  marginal (members of the community - BT)," he writes "But a mob searching for blood, Jewish blood"
"הפכתי לאויב העם, אויב המתיישבים. חודשים לא יכולנו להיכנס הביתה בבטחה", כותב הרב וייס ומפנה אצבע מאשימה כלפי הקהילה הדתית-לאומית. "לא קומץ ולא שוליים", הוא כותב. "כי אם המון אדם שמחפש המון דם, דם יהודי". 

Rabbi Weiss was the head of the IDF's Rabbanut during the Hitnatkut. As such he is perceived as having had a part in it. I can't say I was surprised by the gist of the comment, but rather by the severity of it - clearly those who have been hounding Rabbi Weiss have gone well past any legitimate protest. 


Balashon said...

It's really true - they did try to "pick on" the religious people, even if they were of less significance. At the time, there were three government officials responsible for the hitnatkut - Aharon Abramovich (the DG of the Justice Ministry), General Giora Eiland and Yonatan Bassi. But only the religous Bassi got the protests, even though he probably had the least impact on what was going to happen.

By the way, just discovered your blog - very interesting stuff!

Benjamin of Tudela said...

Thanks. The blog actually started only 3 days ago.

I think Yonatan Bassi got a tougher time then the others, because he was put in charge of having to find the settelers new places of living. None of the others had as much contact with the settelers.